It's all about the People

We have a mix of left brainers and right brainers, providing the perfect mix of splendid imagination and strategic logic. We do share one common goal and that is to provide our clients with quality work, we can all be proud of.

Ryan Dearlove - Creative Director

Ryan's mind is a busy and colourful place with ideas and images flying through it at lightening speed. Ryan has proved himself a great all-rounder, managing creative projects, directing the design team in creation and turning marketing objectives into tangible design projects. Although he founded Dollop Design along with our sister company Ticking Box in 2005 don't expect to find him anywhere but sat at a computer working on a design project.

I enjoy being creative with my designs but not without strategy. — R.Dearlove

Asim Ashraf - Brand Developer

Before joining Dollop Design Asim was an online business consultant helping businesses create effective brands online. He's a key team member at both Dollop Design and our sister company Ticking Box. Asim as an unhealthy addiction to business stats and mind-mapping on top of his love for stylish motors.

You can't underestimate the power of a brand. — A. Ashraf

Cassy Deloney - Project Manager

We would truly be going round in circles, if we didn't have Cassy managing our projects, she keeps the client and designers informed of every step and plans every project with immaculate detail. Cassy joined Dollop Design in early 2008, finally bringing in a touch female sophistication. When she's not frenetically calmly managing projects she can be found running through the Yorkshire Moors, apparently it's "fun".

A project without a defined path is like a car without wheels. — C. Deloney

Levi Fowler - Head Designer

Levi joined our team soon after completing his degree in software engineering, he found the industry lacklustre and thrived for creativity. Although coming from a web design background Levi has successfully transfered his design skills over to print design. Levi is a self confessed gadget addict since the day he could say "apple".

The act of Creativity is a process, not a moment. — L. Fowler